{Movie Review} Ellen: The Ellen Pakkies Story

Spectacular! The word wraps up how I felt at the end of the movie as the credits starting rolling in. Absolutely spectacular... I saw the movie was coming on circuit when browsing the Ster Kinekor site some weeks back, when my hubby, sisters and brother-in-laws decided on a spur-of-the-moment visit to the cinema. I figured … Continue reading {Movie Review} Ellen: The Ellen Pakkies Story

The evolution of cinema

Do you remember the drive-ins? Not the fast food drive-ins, I’m talking about movie drive-ins. If you’re a Generation-Z your only drive-in experience is likely from watching the movie Grease because your parents told you John T was amazing in his hey dey! If you’re a Generation-X like me, then you’ll probably remember actually experiencing … Continue reading The evolution of cinema