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“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” from the play Romeo & Juliet, written by William Shakespeare.

Juliet argues that names mean nothing, and what is important is what things are, who people are, and not the names they go by. While that may be a valid argument, it is also true that our names form part of our identity, something we are known by, make our mark with, and die by. My identity can be wrapped up in my name, Ferowza Bowren, a simple combination of a first name chosen by my father, and a last name belonging to him, and his father before him.
The simple combination translates into who I am: curious, loves to laugh, enjoys the company of friends and family, loves to read, recently starting knitting again, learnt to crochet, loves stationery, enjoys cooking (not cleaning), feels community involvement is important, works full-time in the consulting industry, is an eldest daughter of 3, a big sister, aunt, wife… and a new mommy, a job which is more challenging, frustrating, presents a greater learning curve, and has longer hours than my full-time consulting one, but it is so much more rewarding! 🙂

So it’s a bit obvious I like a lot of things, who doesn’t, right? But that’s just a little piece of me, and I’m sure as I get more involved in this blogging sphere, you’ll get to know me a little more with each post. 🙂

A bit about my blog…

I enjoy different things, and play different roles, so I want my blog to reflect that. I’ll post about things I’ve come across, experienced, enjoyed, disliked, found inspiring, the challenges and joys about parenting, tips I’ve found useful… pretty much anything I feel like sharing 🙂

I’ve entitled my blog “The Kaleidoscope Effect” for that very reason, as it presents different facets and views, different colours, a variety of things, a kaleidoscope!

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Happy reading!


March, 2015