{Post Round-Up} Parenting & Style Posts I enjoyed

This is the first of what I hope will become a regular monthly feature on my blog, of Parenting & Lifestyle themed posts I enjoyed reading and thought would be nice to share as a small collection in a single post.

Living with PCOS

Polycystic ovarian syndrome is a disorder that affects the hormones that regulate a number of things, including moods, metabolism, sleep and reproductive health. I’m starting off with this as this is pretty much where my motherhood journey started – with years of trying followed by a PCOS diagnosis, and then months of treatment. Chelsea, who blogs at Wellness Muslimah, shares information on PCOS, from what it is, how it affects you, to lifestyle changes and treatment options. It’s aptly titled Everything you need to know about PCOS.

An ectopic pregnancy story

I’ve heard about ectopic pregnancies before, but never really understood what it meant, beyond that the foetus was developing outside of the uterus, typically in the fallopian tube. Not even when I was expecting my first daughter after years of trying, and going for a scan to make sure my baby was not in my tubes, did I realise how traumatic and dangerous such a pregnancy can be. It was only when I read a post by Mandy Lee Miller, who blogs at Pregnant in Cape Town, did it hit me what a woman can go through when the uterus is not the home of her growing baby. Mandy shares her very personal experiences in her post about her ectopic pregnancy.

Taking the hassle out of eating out with kids

Whenever we eat out with our kids, especially when the outing involves my or my husband’s siblings with their kids, our preferred choice is the classic family restaurant that comes with a play place, and that often provides colouring pages and crayons. We seldom venture off to places that appear less kid-friendly, as experience has taught us just how bored and fidgety the kids can become. And really, I don’t want to be giving my kids a phone or tablet to play on everytime we go and eat out! Then I came across a post by Taylor, a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and blogs at Brain Breather. She shares tips on putting together a restaurant survival kit that you can tailor (no pun intended) to suit your own needs and that of your kids. Happy eating out! 🙂

Children & allergies

Allergies can be a very scary thing, especially if you’re encountering it for the first time, and even more so if you’re encountering it with your children. With both my daughters having allergies, I’ve quickly come to realise and appreciate that awareness is imperative, because there really is nothing attractive about a sense of mystery when it comes to allergens. I’ve found useful information on what allergens are on the Allergy Foundation of South Africa site, plus informative articles and recipes. You can also check out a plethora of recipes at The Pretty Bee blog.

The stay-at-home mom dilemma

I came across a post by stay-at-home-mom Asbah Alaena in which she shares her accounts of being an SHM. She openly shares her dilemmas of being a stay at home mom, in comparison to that of a working mom. While I do feel the views represent a stereotype of working moms (we don’t all have regular domestic workers or nannies, we often still come home to cook and see to the kids, and our day can be filled with the stresses of deadlines and unreasonable bosses), it’s such a good read as it shows the not-so-pretty side of being home with your kids. For me, what I get from reading this raw share of emotion is that regardless of whether we stay home or go out to work, we have good days, we even have great days, but we also have those can-nothing-go-right-today days, and all we all want, and need, is a little breather and a little appreciation.

Dealing with anxiety

Being a parent can be overwhelming at times. I have two young daughters, and with working full-time and dealing with the preparations for getting our older daughter ready for pre-school next year (from applications to Open Days to purchasing uniform and stationery, to Orientation and everything in between), it’s safe to say there were plenty of moments I felt it taking its toll. And that’s okay. Why? Because I believe it is. Oh, and because Talya Ressel, a social worker and family therapist with a focus on anxiety issues, says it’s okay too. She shares a wealth of information on anxiety in children, and parents too, on her blog. One such article talks about parental anxiety, with the gist that it’s okay to make mistakes and be a ‘normal’ parent, and that being kind to ourselves (which I think we often forget to do) is important.

Where to buy modest, and modern, clothing

I absolutely love watching vlogs by local Capetonian blogger, Aqeelah Harron Ally, from SA Fashion Breed. She’s not the type of fashion blogger who just shares her outfit posts on Instagram, but offers solid advice. Check out her posts on where to buy modest clothing online, and the healthy mindset a modest dresser should have. Definitely worth the watch!

Rocking that modest gym outfit

I’m ending off this post round-up with another post and vlog by Aqeelah from SA Fashion Breed. In her post on the ultimate modest workout wear guide, she shares a few easy outfit ideas, important sports bra guidelines, plus some tips for your workout Hijab! 

unsplash-logoPhoto Credit | Photographer: rawpixel | on Unsplash

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