Where’s the dad in the ad?

Have you ever sat on the couch watching one of your favourite t-shows, just to be annoyed by the adverts? For me it’s not just that these darn ads are interrupting CSI NY, but then I find myself

watching a series of ads with content that annoy me – they annoy me as a mom, especially a mom with a husband who is a hands-on dad. I’m sure you know these ads – sunny skies, green grass, kids playing in the dirt, and oh! What’s this? A MOM who knows how to kill germs! Or… a well-dressed mom ready for work, feeding her children a wholesome breakfast. Why? Because a MOM knows nutrition best! Or… a dirty kitchen and a MOM in a frenzy. Why? Because a MOM needs help with the cleaning. Or… a smiling child being wrapped in a clean and soft bath sheet. Why? Because a MOM knows how to do bath time and keep towels smelling amazing!

And this is just a few examples of these seriously antiquated adverts portraying the mom as the primary nurturer, correction, the only nurturer. While I do believe that for the most part moms are the primary nurturers (whether by choice or design, or both), I find it rather appalling that most of the ads on TV are missing the dads. When they are present they play this cameo role – just smiling at the end for a perfect Kodak moment, or sitting on the couch with the family as if that’s the only place they belong in the home. In a modern world that advocates for equality between men and women, it’s off-putting to see so many ads that are so one-sided in the type of parenting they portray. Really advertising agencies and manufacturers of cereals and household cleaning agents, Where is the dad in the ad?
Can dads not make booboos go away, reduce germs, mop a dirty floor, or make a bowl of cereal?
We really need to broaden our horizons in terms of how the status of a woman, a mom, is elevated in society, and on the flip-side how involved dads are not given due respect.
Being a mom is a beautiful journey – an amazing, exhausting, tear-jerking, rolling-on-the-floor-laughing journey. One which only becomes more beautiful, and easier, when travelled with a partner who is involved, and hands-on – a real father and not just a sperm donor.
So to the dads left out of the ads, but who, like my husband, do loads of laundry, make cereal, change dirty diapers, warm milk for night bottles, handle bathtime like a pro, blow dry wet hair before bedtime, and even knows how to braid… there’s a mom out there whose mommyhood is better and brighter and easier to enjoy, because of you! 💖

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