I created a blog… so, now what?

I created a blog last year (April, I think it was), added some content in the “About” page, created one single post, and that was the end of it.

Towards the end of Feb this year, while having a conversation with some colleagues on a project I was assigned to (I work in Consulting, so change projects and clients from time to time), I showed a couple of them my blog.

The one colleague read it, said he liked my writing and liked that it was honest (and enters some head smiling of appreciation and head swelling at this point), and said I keep at it and blog more.

I then thought that I’d write my next post when something profound happens or when I have something cool and intriguing to write about, but why wait? Why shouldn’t I just write? I am a believer that the little moments counts anyway.

But before I created my next post, I thought about what the next step would be after I started this blog of mine – which by the way still doesn’t have a set goal, purpose or objective, but that’s the way I like it! 🙂 And I though, “Ferowza, you need a theme!”. I’ve seen incredibly beautiful blogs – simple lines, blended colour, smart use of technology with photos changing, text moving… all in such a seamless fashion that it’s intriguing, not overly busy like a bad rug. But, since I’m no Photoshop expert (or even amateur), and don’t want to pay for a design expert, I opted to rely on good old Google and search for downloadable themes. I found some really awesome ones, which was great in giving me options, but bad because then I sat with the dilemma of choice: which theme matched my blog title? Which theme looks appealing? Which theme is, well, me? I ended up downloading and installing a few and seeing what they looked like, and after moment after moment of deliberation, I decided on one!

While it wasn’t your classic kaleidoscope with the fragments of colour swirling in a tube, it was a different kaleidoscope – a me kaleidoscope: a mix of likes and interests. After all, words do have many meanings, and kaleidoscope is not just a tube of blending and mixing colour. It is also, according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, “a mixture of many different things”, “a variegated changing pattern or scene”. Or, if you prefer the Oxford dictionary, it’s “a constantly changing pattern or sequence of elements”. So I made the choice and stuck with a theme called Scrapbook :).
I’m still working on elements of the look and feel of the blog, but for now I’m satisfied.

Next is to make a point of blogging more, so we’ll see how that goes.

By the way, the word kaleidoscope is from the early 19th century, of Greek origin, formed from the words kalos (beautiful) and eidos (form). So here’s to hoping my blog becomes resembles just that. 🙂

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