And so it all begins…

This is a first for me, so it’s safe to say I’m a virgin-blogger! I’m not entirely new to the concept of blogging though, as I’ve read blogs and posted comments on them. But having my name on a blog and writing on it is new territory for me.

So, how did it all begin, then?

Well, at first my encounter with blogs was minimal – reading some posts here and there, commenting on posts, and seeing blogs in action in the movie Julie and Julia (and how adorably retro was Julia Child’s kitchen?! And her ensemble of little shirts tucked into high-waisted on-the-knee skirts, court shoes, and pearls were so chic!). Anyway, I digress, so back to where I was… many of the sites I’ve come across lately when checking for spots to eat, or patterns of baby things to crochet (yes, I crochet!), or product reviews, have been blog sites; even company communication contains links to the blogs of my colleagues. It made me think that maybe I should join the blogger brigade, and indulge in some amateur writing.

But first, I gave the notion some due diligence, giving some thought to whether I should create a personal or professional blog, or maybe both, what I would write about, what I would call my blog, would my writing be any good…? The one conclusion I arrived at was that I wouldn’t create a professional blog, not yet anyway – I’d leave that to the company leadership, and go for something a bit more personal, leaving me knocking on Google’s Blogger door. So there I sat in front of my laptop, with my browser open (and in true Ferowza fashion I had several tabs open, which drives my husband insane), staring at the Blogger site, thoughts of what to call my blog and what to blog about still running through the grey matter between my ears. Still not sure about these, I just went ahead and clicked the button to create my blog – carpe diem, right?

So there, I had my blog. Next was to think about the name and the type of content. For me this was a simultaneous decision, as I wanted the name to reflect the type of blog I wanted to have. After much deliberation, I settled on calling my blog The Kaleidoscope Effect. In my mind, it reflected that I am a multi-faceted person with many angles, capabilities, interests, moods; my personality can take on different colours and shapes depending on the situation and stimuli of the environment. In the same breath, I wanted my blog to reflect different things: I wanted to write about family, food, parenting, motherhood, reviews of products, books, movies; I just wanted to express what I’ve come across, what I’ve seen, what I’ve experienced; what I’ve felt… I am not just one thing, so why should my blog be?

Featured Image by Photographer Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

One thought on “And so it all begins…

  1. Unknown says:

    I totally love your blog. I felt I had a real and personal conversation with you. You are totally relatable. Ur honesty and thought process was refreshing. Your rhetorical questions and moments of indecisiveness explains a womans perspective of how she considers so many things before actioning a decision.

    Looking forward to your next post Ferowza! (^;^)

    Liked by 1 person

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